Blog as a Tool and Resource for Leadership Development

ImageAnother resource and tool for leadership development in adult learning is the blog. Blogs are interesting in that not only can a blog, like this one, be intended to be used as a forum for dialogue about a topic like leadership, they can also be accessed by someone just casually searching the net trying to find information about leadership. The cartoon above, for example, was taken from a blog titled, “ What Ed Said” with the tag line: A blog about learning. The purpose of the cartoon is to challenge people in the field of education to identify and understand what type of leaders they are with the added hope of encouraging some transformational change I am sure (Sackson, 2013).

While the cartoon in the blog is an example of a simple resource to understand leadership, blogs can also be used as complex experiential learning tools in formal learning environments. Raffo (n.d.) looks at the use of blogs in her, “…exploratory study [which] adds to the literature education as it relates to experiential learning and reflective learning in an online environment” (p. 39). Raffo (n.d.) concludes that, “Blogging provides the benefits of a shared learning community and gives students the opportunity to become skilled reflective thinkers (and leaders) while transforming or deepening their understanding of leadership”(p. 49).

Simply stated, the blog serves as an accessible and interactive resource and tool used in formal, non-formal, and informal learning contexts. While it is a good idea to exercise a bit of caution in accessing any old blog to use as a source for research, I would argue that, for the most part, blogs offer a variety of perspectives and will be continued to be accessed, for good reason, in the facilitation of learning be it for leadership development or otherwise.


Raffo, D. (n.d). Blogging as a reflective tool for leadership development: An exploratory study of leadership practicum grounded in the relational leadership model. Delta Pi Epsilon Journal. 54(2) (Fall 2012), p. 39-51

Sackson, E. (2013). What kind of leader are you? [Web log post]. Retrieved from


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